Why is Software Lifecycle Integration So Damn Hard?

Teams within the software development and delivery lifecycle are increasingly working in their best-of-breed tools to enhance their capabilities to build powerful, cutting-edge software that helps their organizations to innovate and thrive in a digital world.

But while this progression is great for individual teams, the benefits don’t necessarily extend across the lifecycle because these tools are not designed to connect.

Consequently, teams and disciplines end up working in distinct siloes, and as more tools are introduced to the software delivery lifecycle, the tool stack becomes fragmented. The quality and speed of software delivery suffers as a result.

This disconnect means poor visibility and traceability across the workflow, which:

  • Undermines governance
  • Compromises compliance and security
  • Slows productivity
  • Increases overheads
  • Decreases business value

That’s why many organizations are integrating their software lifecycle. But identifying this issue is just the start — the reality is that integrating Agile and DevOps tools is actually really, really hard.

To help, we have developed an eBook that delves into why integration is so hard, provides key insights into best practice and explains how you can begin your successful integration journey without ever looking back.

In the eBook, we discuss:

  • Why integration is hard
  • How software lifecycle integration is more than a technical issue — it’s a business problem
  • The complications in connecting ‘just’ two endpoint tools
  • The misleading power of APIs
  • The need for semantic understanding and domain expertise
  • The difficulties in scaling beyond two integrated tools
  • The best way to approach large scale integration

You can download the eBook here.

And of course, please don’t hesitate in contacting us to discuss any software development lifecycle issues you may have.

We will also be discussing in detail the huge challenges involved in software lifecycle integration on Tuesday, January 31st during our special live streamed event, TasktopLIVE. You can find out more about the event here.

Written By: Patrick Anderson

Originally published at www.tasktop.com on January 24, 2017.

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